My name is Gemma Watson, I am a thought-provoking practitioner that offers coaching and mentoring services as well as training in understanding trauma. My approach is centered around mindset growth and wellbeing.

Sessions provide safe interactions to challenge mindset and thinking styles. I am passionate about development which led me to create Grey Splashes, an organisation that understands that not everything is black or white.

In line with my values and ethics I wanted to create an organisation that would contribute to implementing systems and providing effective support. I am passionate about education and sport and there is a lot to do in both fields therefore the vision grows daily.

Mindset Matters

Coaching and mentoring provides a non-judgemental space which allows individuals to be honest, challenge themselves and grow regardless of their past. Coaching and mentoring look towards the future, something that we all sometimes need support to do.

Academy of Modern Applied Psychology
What can I say? You've been a vital part of my support network for the last three years. Thank you for helping me to get the best out of my English classes. I'm sure you'll be a key driver in moving OASP onwards and upwards!
Helen Ralston
I worked with Gemma for over a year in one of the toughest school environments. At the time I was Head of the PE department. Gemma led the pathway for forward thinking across the school for academic achievements based of behavioural developments through mentoring and support programs. Gemma has a natural ability to inspire and create a deep trust and understanding with the students around her. A skill that is imperative to help guide and motivate those to develop their own values and beliefs beyond their immediate social circles. There are very few people that can command the respect and understanding that Gemma has with the students and young people around her. I have no doubt that the programmes and support systems Gemma work will be be held in great regard.
Ollie Tim Harrison
Where do I even start? First of all big up yourself because you've been the drive this year group needed to succeed. You've had a big impact on my learning, life and thought process, so a massive thank you
Shane Simpson