Bringing change by supporting individuals to have better relationships and interactions or improved impact and performance in sport.

Level 7 CMI Coaching and Mentoring
Level 4 Behavioural Neuroscience
Diploma in psychology
Safeguarding Training - DSL
Level 3 & 4 in Counselling Skills and Anger Management
Trauma-informed practice
Over 15 years of Mentoring
Over 7 years of Coaching

I am all about change and believe that our past does not make us unable to change. My coaching is based around mindset because it all starts with the mind. Nothing in life makes us unfixable, we just need to discover what we have kept hidden. The sessions are designed to encourage progressive thinking while my aim is to support individuals and organisations in aligning their values and purpose. My own life journey is one that is filled with abuse, struggle and unhealthy relationships but through wanting more, learning simple concepts and steps I now create the life I want.

Your Time Is Now

My experience in both education and social care has given me great insight in supporting roles and leadership. I believe leadership is about being the change you want to see, not just giving instructions but implementing the very thing you want embedded by everyone else. My sessions will create steps to mindset mastery however, one must be ready.

I am all about building a safe space that allows trust, challenge and growth. My experience and knowledge comes from supporting a range of individuals with a range of adverse experiences. My coaching is supported with a framework called the 3As factors of change. This is a three step implementation process in supporting change in any area.

What Working With Me Looks Like

A Non Judgemental Approach

Holistic Vision

Growth Centered