Being a part of the culture change


Being a part of a coaching network for coaches and organisations that want to build on well-being, trauma-informed practices and work place culture.

1:1 Mentoring

Mentoring to athletes to build on their support networks around them. We focus on the growth and development of the individual to build on impact and performance.

CPD Training

CPD training for clubs that are ready to become trauma-informed and want to be be better equip to support players who may have come from traumatic backgrounds and experienced adverse childhood experiences.

My Mentoring Approach
I started my coaching organisation in 2020 to align my values and principles when supporting development in others. My experience in personal coaching and mentoring comes from supporting a range of individuals in different sectors. My time in education, I have been fortunate to provide pastoral support to many young players such as such as Djed Spence, Aaron Wan Bissaka, TQ Addy, Brandon Pierrick, Francis Jno Baptiste and many more. My mentoring is supported by my framework, which covers three aspects of growth and development while unpacking an individuals' values, beliefs and principles. When I worked in education I saw a big disconnect in the academy players support and a low focus on their emotional development.

Research shows short term mentoring can have a devastating impact on development.

Relationships with mentors that last less than three months; where there is irregular and inconsistent contact; where there is a disconnect between the personalities, interests, and expectations of the mentors and mentees; where mentors are unprepared and lack skills to relate to youth; and where there is no emotional bond between the mentor and mentee have been found to be harmful to youth (Jekielek et al., 2002; Rhodes & DuBois, 2006)


Over the years I have been lucky enough to have Gemma as my mentor/coach. Through Gemma’s support and coaching I have been able to develop as a professional. Gemma’s coaching provided me with the foundations of my professional tool kit but also allowed me to unlock my potential through experience and research to develop on these skills. If you are looking for someone to give you a blueprint with steps to follow then this is not for you but if you are looking for someone to help you unlock your own potential, allow you to think and create for yourself whilst simultaneously supporting you every step of the way then look no further. Through Gemma’s coaching I have advanced in my career and have taken steps to lay foundations for my future endeavours. I have seen that there is no glass ceiling and that the world is truly my oyster
- Koya Barkery

Gemma has been my mentor now for over a year and she is had changed my life for the better. She is knowledgable, encouraging, patient and kind. As a practitioner she challenges me to be the best version of myself. She speaks with enthusiasm and passion which I have found infectious and it has driven me to be more ambitious in my professional and personal life. Her understanding of people is reassuring and is always underpinned by knowledge, wisdom and academia. I really look forward to seeing Gemma and checking in with her. She makes time for me and makes we feel worthy and valued. Anyone who is looking to start their journey of self development doesn’t need to look any further.
- Rebecca O'Neil